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Which helps you instantly calculate the amount of your monthly car lease payments , no matter what type of product your customer chooses (financial or operational).

The leasing calculator has recently appeared

The leasing calculator has recently appeared

In the services of leasing companies, but it immediately gained recognition not only among experienced borrowers, but also among those who are just about to make a lease commitment. Car leasing, as well as the leasing calculator itself, are relatively “new” loan products, so customers do not refuse to pay their expenses over and over again and make sure it is really profitable.

Given that credit companies have begun offering a wide range of leasing offers, customers have the opportunity to use leasing calculators that are designed specifically for each program. Why has it become necessary? Inexperienced potential lessees often choose the right leasing program in the leasing calculator, and the resulting numbers are not realistic. In order to simplify the calculation of the monthly lease payment independently, many lessors have provided a special leasing calculator for each of their offers , however, there are often generalized models of computing security.

Considering that each potential lessee

Considering that each potential lessee

Has different options and circumstances, the annual rate of the transaction is determined individually for each client. Therefore, the amount calculated by the leasing calculator is only an approximate amount of your monthly payment.

The customer will only be able to find out the exact amount of the lease payment after he has submitted all the documents required for the car leasing application and has received a confirmatory decision regarding his application. Along with naming a specific amount, the borrower will also be given a repayment schedule with exact amounts and payment dates.

Review of some leasing calculators

To explain in more detail the importance of the leasing calculator, let us consider some examples offered by large and well-known leasing companies.

Good Finance Bank.

Good Finance Bank.

Entering your parameters starts with the car leasing amount (car price). Next, the down payment (a percentage of the price of the car that will be paid down as a down payment).

However, leasing calculators without such a field are also present, unless the leasing terms require a down payment.

Next field to fill in: Deadline (usually the customer has to choose one of the options offered). Below is the type of leasing (finance – lessee fully leases the machine in the leasing process, operational – long term lease for depreciation deductions). Of course, financial leasing will cost more than operational leasing, but at the end of the leasing period the car will pass into the customer’s hands. As well as the last field – interest rate. Usually, this metric is determined automatically, but here too, the customer can always choose this metric. Last line – total number, monthly payment.

Usually, the leasing calculator can work both ways: you can enter your own parameters and find out the amount of the monthly payment, as well as the amount you can afford to pay. In this case, you will be shown the amount of money you can buy for the car.

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